Phallason forte-what it is?

Phallason Forte is a unique and one of the best penis extender device worn sideways with a soft orthopedic belt. The device was developed and designed in 2001 in Germany and later manufactured in Malta.

This product has been selling in Austria and Germany and a store with adult toys in Phoenix after its approval by the FDA. The device promises to increase penis size, improve the form of a curved penis and also in the treatment of erectile dysfunctions. In addition, phallosan enhances the quality of orgasms and erections as well as improving pelvic blood flow.

phallosan forte

The device comes in discreet packaging with a box inside that holds the actual device along its accessories.

Why is phallosan right for you?

This product stands to be the best penis extender since it can be worn comfortably especially while asleep as opposed to other traction devices. The device stretches your penis moderately with a slight resistance which breaks penile tissue slowly.

phallosan box

After a given recovery time, the tissues regrows bigger, stronger and longer similar to manual penis stretching but with more duration with tissue response to resistance being the same to lifting weights.

Powerful tension on phallason

This device can apply more tension as compared to a traditional extender with easy pressure adjustments. A strap can easily be adjusted by pulling it slightly on the side and the condom along with the Vaccum head strap being strong enough never fall off.

The tension screws and the plastic nose needs adjustment especially in private places such as the bathroom.

How comfortable is phallosan.

Phallosan can be worn all day long without any irritation, pain or slipping out of the penis head. This device can also be worn while sleeping as you cannot with other traction devices.

phallosan forte full setup

This allows more men to wear the device for the recommended 8 hours of stretching for better results. Orthopedic belt is usually elastic to moves your body while avoiding pull against your skin or any tension.

How phallosan works?

Phallosan operates in an easy way by extending your penis with the aid of firm pressure. Fixed with pressure belt, the penis is placed inside a bell and end extended with a pump.

First, the head of your penis is put into a protector cap, condom sleeve rolled over the glass bell and the dick put into it. Finally, the roll of the sleeve is put back and the bell pumped to create inside pressure.

This causes stretching of the dick leading to a micro tissue tear of your organ.The device is manufactured using non-allergic materials which may contain latex, formaldehyde or nickel.

Buying phallosan

When looking for male booster products, you can face many knocks offs and scams. Different products can cause negative implications to your genital leading to a serious injury.

For this reason, I would highly recommend you to buy your Phallosan directly from the phallosan official website. The product costs $339, and they offer a 14-day return policy, fast delivery, with a discreet packaging.


Phallosan Forte is an excellent penis extender that you can you will enjoy wearing day and night as well even during sleeping hours or you can read another review of Phallosan Forte here. It is designed to fit perfectly around any penis size due to its flexibility nature.

Therefore, I would highly recommend you to first read on other traditional extenders such as size genetics and see whether they measure your needs as compared to the phallosan Forte.

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