Student opportunities

Relate Berkshire – Information for Prospective Student Placement – 2011

1. The Relate Federation: Relate Berkshire is a member of the Relate Federation subscribing to national standards of practice, training, supervision. Counsellors are trained by the Relate Institute.

2. Relate Berkshire (“the Centre”) provides training, supervision, support, clients, premises, and the appointment service. We have five counselling sites across Berkshire: Reading (Head Office), Wokingham, Newbury, Bracknell and Henley.

3. Placement criteria:

– Availability to counsel three clients weekly in one block of counselling. This usually requires an availability of a block of 4 hours at the same time of the same day of each week..
– Availability for evening or weekend placement counselling
– Availability to counsel in at least three of the five counselling premises listed above. Placements will be allocated one location as a counselling base.
– Availability to attend 1.5 supervision hours monthly on Tuesday , Wednesdays or Thursday.
– Availability to attend monthly 1.5 hour professional development groups, on one of: Tuesday lunch times (Wokingham) or Tuesday evenings (Reading)
– Confirmation that the candidate is prepared to abide by the Centre’s policies.
– Be prepared to sign the student placement agreement with Relate Berkshire as the centre.
– Placement counsellors are expected to attend Relate Berkshire events where staff work together to develop the centre. Annual Centre Meetings are examples of these.
– Good liaison and communication is vital. We need to be able to contact you at short notice. We need people who will work with us as a team.

4. The Centre intends to increase its permanent counselling work force, so applications for placements will be given priority where the candidate indicates an intention to apply for employment with the Centre after placement. Employment as a Relate Berkshire counsellor is not guaranteed and is subject to financial, client and satisfactory placement considerations.

Relate Couple counsellors need to complete 240 hours of counselling where a couple has attended at least 2/3 of that time.

Relate Berkshire counsellors are expected to provide a long-term commitment of 5 years or more with at least 264 hours annual face-to-face client contact. This usually works out at a minimum of 6 clients weekly. At least two evenings or one evening and a Saturday morning will be involved and the balance during a weekday morning, according to centre requirements.

Counselling is at the same time of the day and the same day of each week in at least two of the Centre’s locations. Occasionally, this may be as the only counsellor in the location, although support is always on hand.


There are opportunities for counsellors who have prior training and experience and who wish to update their training to work in a specialised field and for prospective counsellors who wish to undertake one of the Relate Institute counsellor training courses. On completion of basic training, there are opportunities for further development as a psychosexual therapist, trainer, workplace counsellor, young persons counsellor, family counsellor or clinical supervisor. A paid scheme operates for counsellors employed by Relate Berkshire