Heavenly Places To See In Dubai

Dubai is a heavenly place for all, as it offers itself as a great vacation point and also as a hub for latest technology. This is how it is a great spot for people looking towards job opportunities. There are many great fit out companies in Abu Dhabi as well as commercial fit out companies in Abu Dhabi. The ultra-modern technologies and unique style of buildings it is one of the greatest cities in the   region. Dubai is not a city with good reputation but indeed it will exceed your expectations in no time. The ancient traditions add up to the glitters that make it shine brighter. One may fall for the luxuries Dubai has to offer to us.

A guide to Dubai

There are two main languages spoken in Dubai, where Arabic being the native language and also English as the secondary language as it is used to communicate in the business world. And everyone understands it. the weather in Dubai is extreme, the summers in Dubai are very hot, they might fall around 106 degrees. Also, the nights are not as cold as compared to the mornings but fall below eighty-eight degrees some more things about Dubai you need to know are that some people are not as friendly as the others as they do not like to be photographed. So, one should take care of that. The currency they use is dirhams. 

As you enter the beautiful land

The hospitality is great. sometimes the luxury is not the only thing. The people here are very welcoming as they love to receive guests and can guide them to their destiny. This makes the place more pleasurable and fun to be. There are some very common rules in Dubai as well as in every proper managed city throughout the world. Such as

  1. eating or drinking is prohibited in the cabs or trains 
  2. there might be different cabins reserved for different categories. such as the gold class etc.so please watch the signs. 
  3. Also sleeping or staying long at the stations might not be welcomed.

 The traveling is a very important part of a journey. Getting a good driver to accompany you in the journey may be counted as a plus point. Dubai is a port therefore you’ll find the boats gathered at the harbor. these may also be an attraction to the one who love the sea.  There are ferries as well for boats that are on the shore. The Jumeirah beach also has speed boats.