Merits and demerits of bulletproof glass for cars

Bulletproof glass is made by very thick material and have extreme layer of polycarbonate, which is why it’s hard to break this glass. Bulletproof glass is used for those people who have threat of life. It is also used for protection of some important personalities such as politicians,  top level executives, celebrities, high level influencer, controversial personalities ( private detectives, journalist etc.) , people who live in unsafe and volatile places. It keeps them safe from any unexpected attacks from their enemies. Travelling in bulletproof cars is common. Bullet resistant glass for cars is very important for these types of personalities because it gives them peace of mind.

Merits of bullet glass for cars.

It is best protector:

Bulletproof cars provide safest and easier journey to high class personalities. For high level businessmen it is kind of status symbol. When you go to meet your client in bulletproof, it portrayed you beyond from others. It creates special impact on your customer. It protects you when you visit any volatile area. You don’t have to worry about your protection.

Strongest glass:

Bulletproof glass are made by powerful material, this material is very thick that is why it is very hard to break this glass. This glass is also known as armored glass because usually army uses this glass for protection purpose. This glass is leader in auto glass industry.

It provides unremarkable protection:

Bulletproof glass provides unremarkable protection to your car. It saves your car from bullet attacks and from bomb attacks. High level personalities like to bulletproof cars because of hundred percent safeties.

Demerits of Bulletproof glass for cars.

Although there is lot of benefits of bulletproof glass for cars. But here are also some drawbacks of bulletproof glass that we should not avoid.

Very expensive:

One of the major demerits of bulletproof glass for cars is cost. Bulletproof glass is so much expensive. Everybody can’t afford to buy this glass for cars. Installation charges are also very high. You also need to have insurance for bulletproof cars which increases your cost, this thing discourage you sometime.

Hidden repair cost:

Bulletproof glass can be repair easily but problem is when it is repaired it loses the integrity. That is why it cannot work for long run. Ultimately you have to change the bulletproof glass. This hidden repair cost which you have to bear.