Transportation Options in Dubai

Vacationing abroad is exotic, adventurous and exciting, but one thing many people do not think about planning for is traveling around once you reach your destination. Never fear, there are plenty of options in Dubai for getting around the city and enjoying all it has to offer.


Taking a stroll through Dubai might sound good in theory but in reality, it would be quite a challenge. The city has very few sidewalks, pavement or traffic lights plus the added difficulty of severe congestion and you have a situation where vehicular transportation is practically a necessity.

If you want to get around quickly, efficiently and comfortably your best choice would be one of the city’s thousands of taxis. You can get a taxi by phone or simply hailing one from the street, but the best solution is to ask your hotel to obtain one. You should know the pink topped taxis are for women only, driven by women.

Water Taxis

Water taxis are not really a way to get from point A to point B but more of an adventure in themselves. There are several varieties for those who want to tour the waterways around the city and enjoy a unique experience.


Dubai has a very easy to use metro rail system that offers an affordable alternative to taxis. Currently, there are two lines, Red and Green, that service the city. Users can get to many points of interest and enjoy some of the “regular” life of the city. It is important to note there are three classes of cars, gold, women and children and standard class. You can be fined for traveling in the wrong car.


There are two forms of bus transportation in Dubai, one is simply for sightseeing or bus tours and the other is a local form of transportation. For the latter option, you can actually go online and plan your route in advance so you know which bus to take as well as stop times, etc. Of course, bus tours are always available as a great way to see the city without catching a cab.


Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, you are going to require transportation around Dubai for the duration of your stay. Take the time to consider your itinerary carefully and choose the transportation that is most advantageous. You will likely find that a combination of transportation types will be best. Enjoy your visit to Dubai!